Terms of Service

  • The delivery of the first page is entirely dependent upon the price and delivery time chosen while placing your order.
  • For every additional/inner page, it will take 3 to 8 working hours depending upon the price and delivery time frame chosen and the complexity of your given design.
  • PerfektPixels development team is available from Monday to Friday 11.00-19.00 hrs. +5.30 GMT.
  • The estimated time frame may increase depending upon the 3rd party CMS/Software integration chosen and the required number of pages.
  • Prices for additional markup options are discounted by 50% for inner pages.

**Additional notes:
The standard price per page would not be applicable and additional charges would apply in cases:

  • Where JavaScript (JS) is to be heavily used on the page/pages.
  • Where Ajax is to be heavily used.
  • Where height of the page is beyond than the standard height 768px.
  • Where PNG images are heavily used in the entire design.
  • Where CSS3 conversion is needed.

**Your project manager will let you know about the additional charges, if applicable.